Clare Painter

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Copyright, Rights & Permissions Consultant


About me

I’m a copyright, rights and permissions consultant with a background in publishing rights and licensing.

I help publishers and other organisations to be sure that your own text, images, video etc are properly credited and protected. That way, the ownership is clear and your materials are less likely to be reused without permission or in ways you don’t want.

I provide clear guidelines and templates tailored to each organisation’s needs. I will also help you to understand when permission is – or isn’t – needed to reuse someone else’s work.

It is all about protecting you from the legal, financial and reputational risks that can occur if you don’t pay attention to copyright materials – your own or someone else’s.

As well as working with companies, I recently worked on a UKRI project about reusing other people’s copyright materials. This included practical guidelines for decision-making and clearing permissions, and I was able to use much of the knowledge I had acquired during my Masters in UK, EU and US Copyright Law (King’s College London) which I had completed during lockdown.

I am also a digital licensing agent, helping publishers to distribute their ebooks to universities and institutions around the world.


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