David Thomas – Trainer

David Thomas Media Ltd

A trainer who helps people improve communication skills, get better at freelancing (in any role) and not waste time on paperwork. Also helping people move through redundancy into self-employment.

Royal Tunbridge Wells

About me

> I help people hone their communications skills, networking techniques, and business skills.

> I have a particular focus on finance and organisational skills training for freelancers and small businesses in the creative industries.

> I’m also focused on helping people moving through redundancy into self-employment.

> My aim is to help people do all this while having fun and reducing stress.

> I set up David Thomas Media in 2005 to support charities in developing media interview skills, and to work with freelancers who would rather hide under the duvet than open a spreadsheet.

> In networking skills courses I like to concentrate on how to build professional relationships over time while not being a pain in the neck.

> I also mentor creatives to help them be better trainers.

> My career has been built over 40 years as a trainer, broadcaster and manager. I worked in the BBC for 22 years as a journalist, editor and head of department. Much of that time was at the BBC World Service and local radio. I’ve been all around the world, working with broadcasters from Eastern Europe, the Far East, Africa and the Caribbean.


Vocational and industrial trainer or instructor


L&D / Training Developing & Delivering Training Materials Business Development Film and TV Production

Work history

Head of BBC English


Jun 1996 - Jan 2005

Ran the BBC's educational production department for English language training overseas.

Responsible for developing online services for English learners around the globe.

Freelance finance and networking skills training

ScreenSkills, production unions and others

Jan 2005 - Present

Running various online and in-person training for freelancers to helps them become more businesslike and navigate the world of self employment in the production industries