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About me

I am a native French translator established in the UK, specialised in legal and medical translation.

Originally from Béziers, in the beautiful Southern region of Languedoc – officially called “Occitanie”, I moved to Paris to study languages and translation before establishing myself as a freelance translator.
Being very fond of England, its customs and language, I moved to Surrey in 1998, and I have not looked back since!

Translation is always evolving and as human French translator, I am adapting, continually updating my translation skills, broadening my knowledge in the legal and medical fields, and fine-tuning my expertise.

Personal interests: I remain a proud supporter of independent businesses and bookshops. If my love affair with England started with Agatha Christie, nowadays, I am an avid reader of contemporary French literature. Good food is an essential pleasure for the gourmet that I am, and I must confess to being a keen amateur of very dark chocolate.


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