Ms Lorna Stenson

Help with HR Ltd

Human Resources Consultant

Greater London

About me

I’m Lorna and I’m not your average HR Professional, and probably nothing like your previous interactions with HR.
I established Help with HR to help small businesses perfect their people performance plans and to support a move away from the traditional, reactive HR towards a more proactive, people-centric model, helping to align the needs of the business with the needs of the people in the business.
Small businesses need their HR to be flexible and adaptive and that’s where I come in. I support the business owner to better manage their people and teams; harnessing their knowledge, understanding their vision, and creating HR that works for the business and enables its people. HR is not just a function in a business, its more than tick-boxes or process heavy documentation – its about understanding what motivates us, what disenfranchises us and how to simplify to achieve better outcomes.
I also parachute into business when they find themselves in difficult situations, helping companies deal with dismissals, redundancies, grievances, employment tribunal claims. My HR career began in the private equity world working with distressed business and turnarounds, so I am particularly skilled at working in volatile environments and delivering results.
I’m also a Qualified Workplace Mediator, and firmly believe that most disputes can be resolved if the parties are presented with an alternative space to air their differences; moving dispute resolution away from the rigors of formal procedures.
, I also work with individuals. I help people craft their CV, most often when their self-belief is low after a poor exit from a previous role or a return to work after a prolonged absence. I help them identify their experience, draw out their skills, be aware of their competencies and prepare them for interview.
I also help individuals who find themselves at odds with HR – individuals who are facing disciplinary action, or are subject to performance improvement plans, individuals who at risk of losing their livelihoods.
I help Individuals who have hidden disabilities or have burdensome responsibilities outside of the workplace – individuals who have become isolated and maligned in the workplace. I guide and support individuals through their current predicament and towards a new understanding of what their future may be.
Across everything I do, and embedded in everything I do is respect. Respect for each and every individual I work alongside, regardless of what side they feel they’re on.


Human resource manager or director Management consultant or business analyst


Employee Relations Employee Contracts Mediation / Conflict Resolution